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Finance Available

Finance Available

We will help you get finance for the service too!

30 Days Guarantee

30 Days Guarantee

We will retrofit your vehicle within 30days.

Guaranteed ROI

Guaranteed ROI

Make back your investment within 6 months

The Vision of Gear Head Motors

To be globally recognized as a source of quality electric transportation vehicle
and to promote usage of electric vehicles for solving environmental issues and reduce crude oil usage.

Everything About Gear Head Motors

It's time for a change! A BIG one!

Why Gear Head Motors
is the best solution

Reduced CO2 Emission 0%
Less Reliance 0%
Lakh INR
Saved Per Year
Million Premature
Deaths Prevented

GHM Works

Gear Head Motors being pioneers of safety and reliable electric vehicles which are efficient, effective, eco-friendly and affordable for any class of people and can be applied to every sector possible.

GHM primarily focuses on two vertices, for now, one being GHM Works which is into retrofitting current environment spoiling vehicles and converting them to an electric vehicle which will reduce the carbon footprint and increase the oxygen levels of the environment. The other being, GHM EV which is into manufacturing of effective and affordable e-vehicle where we will be Omni-channelling the industry for heavier market adoption.

Why Should You Care?

Pollution does a lot of harm, here are a few facts about it.


When an air pollutant, such as sulphuric acid combines with the water droplets that make up clouds, the water droplets become acidic, forming acid rain.

12.4 Lakh Deaths in India

One out of every eight deaths in India can be attributed to air pollution.

Live 1.7 Years Lesser

The impact of air pollution on deaths, disease burden and life expectancy across the States of India.

We are helping people suffering from the trauma
of their car maintenance to give them a paradise experience
in the same car and/or auto rickshaw...err...
Basically, we are Retrofitting Cars!

Hours Worked
Happy Customers
Kilometres Traveled
% Satisfaction

What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

Our valuable first customers and their words of satisfaction.